AK-47 Bumpski Stock made from 100% billeted aluminum. This stock does it all. Fits the AK-47, AK-74, and the Saiga Shotguns. 100% money back guarantee as always within 14 days of receiving the stock. Call with any questions. 812-445-4028.

     The Bumpski has the ability to be attached to different firearms simply by purchasing a different attachment bar. That is right!! Simply remove the bottom half of the Bumpski, purchase a different attachment for the SKS, Mini-14, or AR-15.  Purchasing a new stock time after time is eliminated. 

     Great way to make an affordable way to have a BumpFire Stock for several firearms without having to disassemble the firearm. Simply pull down on the selector pin, slip off the bottom half of the Bumpski, and then slip back on to the attachment bar on a different firearm.